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Remedy Healthcare is a leading provider of highly targeted, evidence-based self-management and health coaching programs. Our services are available to a range of clients across Australia, such as corporations through corporate health programs, health programs for members of private health funds, and specialty aged care health services for older clients living in their homes or in aged care centres.

At Remedy Healthcare we believe that everyone deserves to live in the best possible health. That’s why our mission is to improve the health, wellbeing, and quality of life for every Australian we meet. At Remedy Healthcare, we love what we do, because we care, coach, empower and support our clients from all walks of life toward improved health results.

We also exist to improve the health system itself. We help our clients prevent costly admissions to hospital by improving their health today. By reducing hospital admissions, reducing the length of hospital stays, and reducing hospital and insurance claims, we’re creating an environment where everyone in the system wins.

Manage your health. Find your remedy.

Remedy Healthcare has provided evidence-based, person-centred health coaching throughout Australia since 2008. Our Home Healthcare services have been caring for patients in their homes since 1998.

Becoming a part of the Remedy Healthcare Group in mid 2015, Adelaide based Mobile Physio has rapidly become a key provider of home-based physiotherapy for older South Australians living at home.

In late 2015 LINCS Healthcare became the latest member of the Remedy Healthcare Group. LINCS are a well-respected Queensland based nursing organisation that has been providing community nursing in South East Queensland since 2007.



Our Team

Over the past ten years, more than 75,000 Australians have put their health in our hands. As a national provider, we employ over 120 nurses and allied health professionals, including dietitians, exercise physiologists, midwives, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, diabetes educators and health coaches. Our clinicians work with individual clients to create care plans that are flexible, highly targeted, founded on solid scientific evidence, and supported by an advisory panel of clinical experts.


Are you a passionate and driven healthcare provider who wants to help people achieve better health? Are you an expert at what you do, be it nurse, physiotherapist, midwife, dietitian, diabetes educator or other health specialist? If you ticked all those boxes, then we like you already.

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