The MindStep™ Program: One-on-One Mental Health Support

In any one year, around one million Australians will suffer from depression, while over two million will experience anxiety (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2008). If you or someone you love has experienced these conditions, you’re likely to understand how they can affect everyday life.

The Remedy Healthcare MindStep™ program is the first of its kind in Australia – a phone-based mental health coaching program for private health insurance fund members to manage the symptoms of their anxiety or depression.

Think of MindStep™ as a mental wellbeing check-in. A dedicated coach will get to know you personally as you take positive steps towards social and emotional wellbeing. MindStep™ follows tried and tested techniques to help you:
• Identify and replace unhelpful thoughts and behaviours
• Take steps to conquer your fears and manage anxiety in practical, achievable ways
• Overcome feelings of isolation, sadness and low self-esteem.

Download: Joining the dots and filling the gaps: Integrated care in practice

What is MindStep™?

MindStep™ offers confidential and individually-tailored support that complements the usual care you receive from your GP, psychologist or psychiatrist. MindStep is a six-week program designed to help you adjust to life’s challenges. Throughout the program, you’ll work with a trained Remedy Healthcare coach over the phone at a time that suits you and from wherever you feel most comfortable.


MindStep™ is an evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) centred program. It draws on a highly successful UK “Improving Access to Psychological Therapies” (IAPT) service which has treated over 1 million people and helped 45,000 people return to work. The team at Remedy Healthcare have partnered with Flinders and York Universities to develop this program for Australian lifestyles

Is it right for you?

MindStep™ is currently available for members of participating private health insurance funds, or to individuals referred via their GP or specialist. For more information on MindStep™ or to find out if you are eligible to participate, please contact Remedy Healthcare or your private health insurance fund.

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