Remedy Healthcare is a national provider of specialist Aged Care physiotherapy, podiatry, pain management and other allied health services, such as dietetics and occupational therapy. With over 15 years experience, we deliver care to thousands of clients each week. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve better mobility and improved wellbeing. We put the dignity of our clients at the centre of everything we do. We are also specialists in ACFI funding and Accreditation, and can ensure you meet all the funding requirements, as well as providing support to help you meet your goals.

Personalised, expert service for your residents

We understand that each Aged Care Facility is unique and as such, we work with each facility to tailor a physiotherapy program or pain management (CPMP) program that meets the needs of the facility as well as the resident. Our team are Aged Care professionals and know that older clients need a special level of expertise.

We have ACFI funding sorted - nationally

We employ over 120 allied health professionals including Physios, Podiatrists, OTs and Dietitians across Australia, and we know the ACFI funding model inside and out. When you need someone on site, on a regular basis, we deliver. We know the complexities of Aged Care funding and can ensure you meet your compliance requirements.

A full service model, more than just Physio

While a lot of small scale providers can offer physio services to Aged Care centres, Remedy Healthcare has the size, scale and expertise to go beyond the standard offerings. Far from being a typical physio model, we also offer podiatry, OT, and dietetics all of which are tailored to your residents’ and facility’s needs.

Services for Aged Care Professionals

Aged Health

At Remedy Healthcare we offer physio, OT, podiatry and dietetics to Aged Care locations across Australia. Our national service model employs over 120 allied health professionals and we understand how the ACFI funding model works. Find out more today!

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