We’ve developed a number of new telehealth services to meet the current and emerging need for remote care. Our telehealth addresses these three critical healthcare challenges:

  • Helps people get out of hospital sooner, supporting both individuals through hospital care in the home, and the healthcare system, by freeing up beds.
  • Supports people whose elective surgery has been postponed by helping them manage their condition and prepare for eventual surgery.
  • Gives people that much-needed feeling of being cared for at home during this time of intense physical isolation and restricted movement.

Our experience
Remedy has delivered telehealth for over ten years, providing health coaching, maternity and mental health support for individuals across Australia. These programs have successfully cared for people in the safety and comfort of their own home.

Our strong relationships in the health sector, business and government have given us the partnerships and expertise we’ve needed to design these new telehealth services.

We’re designing these new services in collaboration with the health sector, business and government.

New telehealth services
Hospital care in the home: We’ve now evolved our telehealth services to include rehabilitation and transition care for patients leaving hospital, helping to build strength, confidence and capability to live an independent life. This care also helps people stay healthy and able to cope, preventing readmission.

Deferral of elective surgery: We’re now offering ‘prehab’ care, supporting people whose surgery has been postponed. This care helps individuals manage their current condition, for example ongoing pain, and gets them as strong and healthy as possible before surgery.

Wellbeing checks: We’ve added proactive outreach for vulnerable groups, with health assessments and admission into one of our programs.

Allied health extras: Individuals should also be able to use their extras cover, or self-fund, to benefit from a telehealth session with a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, exercise physiologist, dietician or nurse. The care will be delivered into a patient’s home through video conferencing and will focus on the same clinical outcomes as would happen if they were face-to-face with the clinician.

These new telehealth services aim to keep our patients and employees safe and reduce the current burden on our healthcare system.

There’s more in the pipeline
This is just the first step for us. Our clinical design team is also looking at new services tailored for the COVID-19 environment. These include:

  • physical and mental health support
  • chemotherapy in the home
  • cardiac rehabilitation.

Our Executive General Manager, Mike, says, “Our health coaching, maternity and mental health services have shown us how successful telehealth can be. That’s why we’d already been piloting telehealth physiotherapy services to stay one step ahead of demand. Our team is well prepared to deliver telehealth and give patients the vital care that they need.”

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