Feel-good physiotherapy, podiatry, myotherapy, dietetics and massage therapy in Melbourne’s CBD

At Remedy Healthcare Metro, everything we do is designed to help you feel good. Our nationwide network has helped thousands of Australians move towards better health. Plus, all of our services can be claimed using health insurance. So, how can we help you?

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You’re in good hands here. To create our team at Remedy Healthcare Metro we’ve handpicked from highly experienced podiatrists, physiotherapists and massage therapists from Remedy Healthcare. This nation-wide network has treated over 75,000 clients over the past 10 years, so chances are, our team has dealt with issues like yours plenty of times before.

Accessibility and Convenience
Finding a physiotherapist, podiatrist or massage therapist in the Melbourne CBD shouldn’t be hard work. That’s why our all-new wellbeing clinic is located at street level – 11 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne – a stone’s throw from Melbourne’s Parliament Station.

On-time appointments that suit your schedule
When you’re ducking out of work for an appointment in between meetings, you can’t afford to be kept waiting. That’s why our smart booking system frees up in-demand periods and ensures our clinicians are on time. After all, what use is a massage if you’re stressed afterwards?

telehealth physiotherapy or dietetics

Telehealth is an online video or telephone consultation with physiotherapists and dietitians who have received specific training in the delivery of telehealth services. It’s similar to a face-to-face consultation, just delivered remotely. It will still give you the support you need to manage your condition.

For these sessions, we use Coviu, a secure tele and video conferencing platform specifically designed for these types of services. You’ll need a good Wi-Fi connection and, ideally, a laptop or tablet with camera and microphone.

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These consultations can help you:

  • learn more about your condition, including how to manage it
  • get to grips with your posture, stretches and strengthening exercises
  • set goals for becoming more physically active
  • understand workplace ergonomics in your home
  • check in on progress and be reassessed to help you stay on track
  • manage food intolerances and weight management.

If you’d like to know more about telehealth, head to our Telehealth FAQs. Alternatively, give us a call on 1800 102 112 from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, or email us at metro@remedyhealthcare.com.au


If you’re experiencing a sore neck, lower back, stiff shoulder or feel like you can’t move as well as you’d like, our expert physiotherapists can help. We’re experienced in helping clients recover from injury, reduce pain and stiffness, increase mobility and prevent further injury and pain.


Unlike most providers in the area, Remedy Metro is a full-service podiatry clinic. We specialise in treating and preventing a range of conditions relating to lower limb, ankle and toe woes. Whether it’s skin disorders, calluses, ingrown nails or foot injuries and infections, we can help with everything from orthotics, braces and pharmaceutical treatments.

Massage & Myotherapy Therapy

We provide myotherapy and remedial massage, which can bring back mobility into joints and help to repair damaged tissues. In sessions ranging from 30-60 minutes, we can reduce tension in your muscles and tendons, restore the correct position of bones and increase blood flow to help heal injuries.


Our accredited practicing dietitian will work with you to optimise your diet to assist in managing a variety of different clinical conditions, help lose weight, optimise nutrition for sport or simply improve general health and wellbeing.

Our feel-good team

To make an appointment call 1800 102 112