Mental health program getting people back on track

Results from a new Australian intervention have shown encouraging results for people with a history of hospital admission for anxiety and depression.

Published in BMC Psychiatry, a study examined the first 17 months of implementation of the MindStep® program, which is primarily delivered to people with private health insurance by Remedy Healthcare in Australia.

The study found that that low intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) delivered by Remedy Healthcare achieved target recovery rates of greater than 50 percent and a reliable recovery rate of over 60 percent.

Remedy Healthcare Executive General Manager Mike Hutton-Squire said the findings were encouraging for people with depression and anxiety, their friends and families, and their employers and work colleagues.

“We believe it is significant when you consider that every year about one million Australians suffer from depression and more than two million experience anxiety,” Mr. Hutton-Squire said.

“In the workplace, the flow-on effects of such high rates of mental ill health can include absenteeism, productivity loss and increased staff turnover. With MindStep®, we have a program that can help people stay out of hospital and get back to work.”

Remedy Healthcare’s Chief Medical Officer Nancy Huang said these results suggest that low intensity CBT can be successfully delivered to people with a history of hospital admissions for anxiety and depressive disorders and substantially support people in returning to their usual activities.

Mr. Hutton-Squire said that a telephone-based program such as MindStep® had distinct advantages for a country with the geographical size and population spread of Australia.

“Many of our rural and remote communities are underserved by the healthcare system and have poorer health outcomes as a consequence of our geography,” Mr. Hutton-Squire said.

“A program such as MindStep® can help ensure that people with mental ill health have the opportunity to get their life back on track, no matter where they live.”

MindStep®, which commenced across Australia in March 2016, aims to improve post-hospital care and to help empower patients, giving them the tools for ongoing self-management and to help improve their quality of life.

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Re-thinking integrated care

Integrated healthcare models are considered by many to be the way of the future. But what should they look like and how are they changing? Remedy Healthcare is taking a novel approach. Traditionally, much of the work in this area of patient care has focused on targeting individuals with specific biomedical risks for a single chronic condition, such as type 2 diabetes or chronic heart failure.  The reality though, is that many people live with more than one condition and a one-size program that targets a single chronic condition doesn’t fit all. Integrated care models are fairly common in health systems reforms here and overseas, but evaluations have often revealed variable outcomes. When delivering this type of model in the real world, what works well in one country or community doesn’t always work well for individual contexts in Australia. The redesigned Remedy Integrated Care reflects current evidence suggesting that complexity in the individual’s context can be better addressed by acknowledging both the biomedical and established risk factors, as well as the patient’s unique needs to stay healthy living in the community. It looks at care planning for people with chronic conditions through a more practical and flexible biopsychosocial lens and complements the modern Australian healthcare landscape. “This is a significant move towards a fundamentally person-centred approach which looks after the individual and not just the disease,” says Nancy Huang, Chief Medical Officer at Remedy. “The aim is to deliver care that is planned with the client, working together to understand their abilities, their goals, their family and carers. As the client’s needs evolve, the program adapts and if necessary, care is escalated.” The redesign was developed in consultation with private health insurers and current users of Remedy Healthcare services, with input from an external Expert Advisory Group. True integration is about remembering what we are integrating and who it is for. To ensure that the new model is genuinely appropriate and effective for clients, it is based on three key principles:
  • Balancing the risk and needs of the client, with plans that are tailored to individual circumstances. For example, two people with type 2 diabetes may need quite different plans, depending on their circumstances and the stage of the disease they are at.
  • Multidisciplinary delivery, with physical, mental and social aspects of care included in individual plans.
  • Integration across service providers working with GPs, community support and others involved in the care journey.
Importantly, the service redesign is supported by a system redesign that simplifies care coordination and enhances client monitoring and program evaluation. This ensures we are delivering value for money and gives funders full visibility of the value of the program for their members. By positively changing healthcare delivery, we will be able to help support clients to care for themselves and build their capacity to manage their chronic conditions on a day to day basis. Nancy adds “In a perfect world – if funding wasn’t a factor – programs like these would enable us to engage with clients over the long term and build lasting relationships. We would see them dip in and dip out of the model as their needs and risks change.” Please call 1300 224 334 to arrange a time to catch up to discuss how Remedy Healthcare may be able to partner with you to complement your health and wellbeing initiatives.
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How a new health coaching program is embracing diversity

Remedy has leveraged 10 years of expertise in the health coaching space and redesigned its coaching program to reflect the needs of a culturally diverse population. In 2017, we won the tender to deliver an innovative free health coaching intervention program for the public health system. The existing program content was enhanced using the latest evidence-based learnings to increase levels of engagement with a diverse range of participants. Engagement, support, and motivation are offered to help participants reach healthy lifestyle goals. The conversation between coach and participant is participant led and is designed to promote engagement and highlight the value of the service early in the journey. Participants are offered a variety of free information resources, including an information booklet and a coaching journal to help track their goals and actions. They also have access to a website where they can download tools to help monitor their progress. The service also engages with vulnerable communities including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, who have traditionally been reluctant to with this kind of service. Where appropriate, Remedy Aboriginal Liaison Officers make the initial telephone contact to outline the benefits of the program in a way that’s easy to understand and culturally relevant. Bilingual coaches are also on board to help participants from culturally diverse backgrounds by removing language barriers and empowering them to reach achieve a healthy lifestyle. Overall, the focus of the program is on connecting with clients through guided conversation towards their goals in a culturally appropriate manner. One of the other key contributors to the program’s success is Remedy’s track record in health coaching, and the experience of Remedy staff, who are highly trained and well-equipped to engage and deliver health behaviour change outcomes. To simplify the process, they are guided by a new, concise intervention framework, based on the ‘5 As’ – Ask, Advise, Agree, Assist and Arrange. The publicly accessible program is currently delivered across three Australian states. It uses the extensive learnings from Remedy’s chronic disease health coaching service to build a promising new model. It’s still early days, but we’re proud to report that the program currently has the highest number of participants receiving coaching to reach their healthy lifestyle goals since its inception. Nancy Huang, our Chief Medical Officer says, “Remedy has come a long way in the last ten years. We are delighted to have reached a point where our expertise can make a program like this possible, in a way that’s scalable and sustainable. The ultimate winner is the client and their health”.

Please call 1300 224 334 to arrange a time to catch up to discuss how Remedy Healthcare may be able to partner with you to complement your health and wellbeing initiatives.

Please call 1300 224 334 to arrange a time to catch up to discuss how Remedy Healthcare may be able to partner with you to complement your health and wellbeing initiatives.
Find out more about Remedy Healthcare’s Health Coaching Services
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Meet Kate, Team Leader of the Care Coordination Team

What’s your history working with Remedy? I started at Remedy in 2015 working as an aged care physio, before being promoted to Team Leader at Remedy Carlton, where I oversaw the physios and occupational therapists in the day-to-day delivery of patient services. As the business grew, I took on the role of Care Coordinator for Remedy. In a nutshell, my role was to keep the lines of communication open between various stakeholders so that clients are well looked after when they come home from the hospital. In July this year, I was promoted to Team Leader of the Care Coordination team at Remedy and I manage a team of eight Care Coordinators. I really enjoy using my experience of being ‘on the frontline’ to deliver more efficient services and improve the home care experience for our clients. What attracted you to Remedy over other healthcare service providers? I have a personal interest in health care and I’m passionate about innovation. When I started looking around, I realised that Remedy was leading the way in innovative healthcare solutions. I was also attracted to the diversity of roles within the organisation. What do you like most about your job? I enjoy the process of building trust with our clients and assisting them to make health gains. Let’s talk about what you like to do outside of work….for instance, where would we find you at the weekend? I love to wander between parks, cafes, and bars. There’s so much to see and do in Melbourne and never as much time as I would like. What’s your favourite sports team? The AFL team Brisbane Lions, as I’m originally from Queensland. I moved to Melbourne four and a half years ago from Perth, where I studied my Masters in Physiotherapy. I’m currently studying a Masters in Public Health. What are you reading at the moment? The Bodysurfers by Robert Drewe. What three words best describe you? Energetic, organised, busy. What’s one thing your work colleagues don’t know about you? I didn’t like chocolate as a child. I have made up for lost time as an adult!

Please call 1300 224 334 to arrange a time to catch up to discuss how Remedy Healthcare may be able to partner with you to complement your health and wellbeing initiatives.

Please call 1300 224 334 to arrange a time to catch up to discuss how Remedy Healthcare may be able to partner with you to complement your health and wellbeing initiatives.
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