Living with anxiety and depression isn’t easy. At Remedy Healthcare Mindstep® we understand this. And we’re here to help.

MindStep® is a six-week phone-based program, designed to support you when and where you want. A trained mental health coach will guide you through a series of cognitive behavioural therapy workbooks, designed to improve thinking habits and proven to help people better manage their mental health. Everyone’s different, so we get to know you as an individual first, then tailor your program for the best results.

The Remedy Healthcare MindStep® program is tailored to your needs and you can access it while receiving care from your GP, psychologist or psychiatrist. All at a time that suits you and in the privacy of your home.

Why not join the many others who’ve taken the first step?


Learn how to identify and replace unhelpful thoughts and behaviours

Take steps to conquer your fears and manage anxiety in practical, achievable ways

Overcome feelings of isolation, sadness and low self-esteem.


You can talk to your coach at the time that suits you, by phone, Skype, email or sms.

It’s totally private and there’s no judgement.

It’s all about you.


The MindStep® program has been designed for Australian lifestyles, and is based on a successful national mental health program in the UK.

The results speak for themselves.

55% of people enrolled in MindStep® recovered from their condition and 76% saw a clinically significant improvement in symptoms.


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The service is so accessible and just having someone that takes the time to listen and discuss that next step of my journey with is invaluable.

Calls from this service have helped so much! I don’t feel like I am so alone in this fight.

Before I started this program I genuinely thought I would never be happy again and was pretty much just existing from week to week. In the space of only a few months I am completely back to normal and feel alive and happy again.

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