Companies that invest in the health and wellbeing of their staff reap the benefits of reduced absenteeism, reduced work cover claims, increased productivity, increased company loyalty and reduced sick days. This all equals a healthier bottom line.

At Remedy Healthcare our key principle is to empower your employees to take control of their wellbeing by equipping them with the tools and the strategies to effectively manage their health.

Here's what we achieved with one of our corporate clients

Healthy Energised Teams

66% of High Health Risk individuals decreased their risk status, and were 17% more likely to make healthy lifestyle changes

Employee Retention & Employee Engagement

14% increase in high risk employees agreeing “it would take a lot for them to look for another employer”

Increase Productivity

a 4% improvement in Performance Ratings vs a 5% decrease in the performance rating of the control group

Services for Employers

Health Coaching

Healthy workforces are more engaged, more productive, and look forward to coming to work. A customised Health Coaching program from Remedy Healthcare can improve the health of your workers and reduce sick days and absenteeism. Find out how we can make your workplace a happy and healthy one today!

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Corporate Health

Remedy Healthcare partners with organisations across Australia to improve the health of employees while reducing the impact of absenteeism for businesses. Our corporate health solutions are evidence-based, on-site and off-site and are delivered by a team of experienced health care professionals.

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Remedy Healthcare has developed programs to meet the mental health requirements of individuals and organisations. Our MindStep® program is confidential, phone-based, delivered by specially trained mental health coaches using proven techniques with measurable results.

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