Remedy Healthcare’s purpose is to positively change healthcare delivery.

In Australia, billions of dollars are invested into acute care to assist people once their health becomes poor. We are driven to change that model. We want to help clients avoid hospitals through preventative coaching, rehabilitation in the home and smarter management of their health needs. We want to move the heavy focus of investment away from acute care and toward assisting people to better manage their health and receive less costly remote or on-site services. Our in-house product development team is continuously adapting our program design to meet new opportunities in the healthcare.

Shifting the healthcare model toward prevention

At Remedy, all of our programs are designed to keep people healthier and avoid incidents of poor health. Through good health management and coaching, we want to improve the health of Australians with chronic illness or high risk factors. We also want to reduce their chances of having a serious health incident which would require hospitalisation.

Investment in Aged Care

Remedy Healthcare are experts in the Aged Care sector and provide services for thousands of elderly Australians. Our team of health professionals tailor programs for each client’s situation, including mobility, independent activity, foot care and nutrition and chronic illness coaching and management.

Innovation in Mental Health through the MindStep Program

Remedy Healthcare has developed programs to meet the mental health requirements of individuals and communities. The Remedy Healthcare MindStep™ program is the first of its kind in Australia – a phone-based mental health coaching program for private health insurance fund members to manage the symptoms of their anxiety or depression. MindStep™ is a mental wellbeing check-in, where a dedicated coach works personally with their client to identify and take positive steps to improve their social and emotional wellbeing.

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