The best private health insurance fund members are those who are fit and healthy and enjoy the broader wellness benefits of their membership. Offering a superior range of health solutions to members creates that two-way relationship that breeds loyalty and advocacy.

Since 2008 Remedy has actively provided private health insurance fund members better health experiences. We do this by providing members with the evidence, tools and encouragement to make positive health changes. This helps them prevent the likelihood of becoming sick or being admitted to hospital.

Win for your customers

Many Australians are eager to improve their health but don’t know where to begin. Offering your members the option to receive compassionate and expert Health Coaching and Home Healthcare services empowers them to make better health choices.

Win for reducing your claims costs

Our programs are proven to improve health outcomes for members, which decreases their need to claim. Our Remedy Home Healthcare programs cost around 25% of a continued stay in a hospital or rehabilitation facility.

Win for your brand and customer loyalty

If your brand stands for improved health and wellbeing for members, then Remedy Healthcare helps you walk the talk. Our programs provide proven health outcomes for our clients and create healthier, happier health fund members.

Services for Insurers

Health Coaching

Our world class health coaching service provides evidence-based, outcome-focussed coaching for thousands of Australian private health insurance clients. Find out more about how we can provide an extra layer of support to improve health outcomes for your members who are presenting with chronic diseases, complex care needs and known risk factors.

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Home Healthcare

Our national Home Healthcare services deliver proven health results and substantial cost savings to over 30 of Australian health insurance companies. Members recovering from surgery at home are happier and more comfortable, and for a fraction of the cost of a hospital bed. Find out how we can implement these programs for your members.

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Aged Health

Remedy Healthcare are experts in providing health services, and have provided comfort and peace of mind for thousands of older Australian health insurance clients. Our services are evidence-based and delivered by experienced and accredited healthcare professionals. Find out more today.

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The MindStep® program for Mental Health

The Remedy Healthcare MindStep® program is the first of its kind in Australia – a phone-based mental health coaching program for private health insurance fund members to manage the symptoms of their anxiety or depression. MindStep® is a mental wellbeing check-in, where a dedicated coach works personally with their client to identify and take positive steps to improve their social and emotional wellbeing.

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